Ascend™ Wet Location

Less is more with our Ascend™ 15 Wet Location Strip. We carefully designed these strips for lighting designers, architects, and specifiers who need a wet location, lower-output strip that will guarantee an elegant, subtle glow for an unforgettable first impression. The strip’s near-perfect color accuracy measures up to an astonishing 98 CRI, making it one of the highest CRI LED strip lights on the market. Longer run lengths up to 82 ft in-series give you liberated, uninterrupted design as you get creative with larger projects. Not only does the IP65 silicone cover ensure complete protection against dust and water, but it also makes the strips very easy to clean. From adorning your balcony and bar to outlining commercial windows and kitchens, the IP65-rated Ascend™ 15 Wet Location series promises the sophistication that is difficult to achieve in outdoor settings.

Ordering Options

Length Option

  • 16.4 ft

Voltage Input

  • 24V DC


  • IP65 Outdoor: Wet Location


Product SKU CCT Watts / Foot (Meter) Lumens / Foot (Meter) Luminous Efficacy CRI Gamut Score Relative Fidelity
AS15-27K-WL 2700K 1.5 W/ft (4.8 W/m) 123 lm/ft (402 lm/m) 78 lm/W 97 105 95
AS15-30K-WL 3000K 1.5 W/ft (4.8 W/m) 122 lm/ft (399 lm/m) 83 lm/W 97 103 96
AS15-35K-WL 3500K 1.5 W/ft (4.8 W/m) 129 lm/ft (423 lm/m) 83 lm/W 97 103 96
AS15-40K-WL 4000K 1.5 W/ft (4.8 W/m) 130 lm/ft (427 lm/m) 85 lm/W 97 103 96
AS15-50K-WL 5000K 1.5 W/ft (4.8 W/m) 132 lm/ft (434 lm/m) 86 lm/W 96 103 96

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Technical Information

Power Consumption:1.5 watts/ft
Voltage Input:24V DC
Max Run Length:82 ft (25 m)
Field Cuttable:Cut mark every 2”
Stocked Color Temps:2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
MacAdam Ellipses:Within 3
Beam Angle:120°
Copper PCB Thickness:4 oz
LED Chips:37 LEDs per foot
LED Chip Spacing (pitch):5/16" (8 mm)
Strip Width:1/2” (12 mm)
Strip Height:3/16” (4 mm)
Adhesive:3M LSE 9495
Lifespan:50,000 Hours
Warranty:15-Year Limited Warranty


Cut Sheets
Cut Sheets

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Photometric / IES Files
Photometric / IES Files

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