Prime™ Wet Location

Our Prime™ 44 Wet Location Strip is built to last and to make lasting impressions. Born to meet the high standard of innovative architectural design and complex lighting projects, the Prime™ 44 Wet Location Strip features an incredible output up to 503 lm/ft, excellent color rendering up to 97, low energy usage at 4.4 W/ft, and longer run lengths up to 42 ft. Pair this strip with a dimmer to take full advantage of its versatile applications, from bright task lighting to lower, comfortable accents. Developed with our network of architects and designed to meet their specific needs, we’ve created a series of exceptional LED lights by balancing functionality, aesthetics, and versatility.

Ordering Options

Length Option

  • 16.4 ft.

Voltage Input

  • 24V DC


  • IP65 Outdoor: Wet Location


Product SKU CCT Watts / Foot (Meter) Lumens / Foot (Meter) Luminous Efficacy CRI Gamut Score (Rg) Relative Fidelity (Rf)
PR44-27K-WL 2700K 4.4 W/ft (14.4 W/m) 466 lm/ft (1528 lm/m) 104 lm/W 98 101 95
PR44-30K-WL 3000K 4.4 W/ft (14.4 W/m) 478 lm/ft (1567 lm/m) 108 lm/W 94 100 92
PR44-35K-WL 3500K 4.4 W/ft (14.4 W/m) 499 lm/ft (1636 lm/m) 112 lm/W 95 100 92
PR44-40K-WL 4000K 4.4 W/ft (14.4 W/m) 493 lm/ft (1616 lm/m) 114 lm/W 97 99 92
PR44-50K-WL 5000K 4.4 W/ft (14.4 W/m) 502 lm/ft (1646 lm/m) 116 lm/W 95 98 91

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Technical Information

Power Consumption:4.4 Watts/ft
Voltage Input:24V DC
Max Run Length:42ft (13 m)
Field Cuttable:Cut mark every 2”
Stocked Color Temps:2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
MacAdam Ellipses:Within 3
Beam Angle:120°
Copper PCB Thickness:4 oz
LED Chips:49 LEDs per foot (160 LEDs/m)
LED Chip Spacing (pitch):1/4” (6.3 mm)
Strip Width:1/2” (12 mm)
Strip Height:3/16” (4 mm)
Adhesive:3M VHB 9731
Lifespan:50,000 Hours
Warranty:15-Year Limited Warranty


Cut Sheets
Cut Sheets

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Photometric / IES Files
Photometric / IES Files

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