Roam™ RGB Wet Location

Explore millions of colors with the Roam™ RGB 44 Wet Location series as you tap into your creativity. With 300 LEDs per 16.4 ft reel, every shade you choose will appear vibrantly bold and vividly bright. Pair this strip light with an RGB controller to take full advantage of its lighting capabilities. The Roam™ Wet Location RGB 44 strip is fully dimmable and can change colors in different styles, such as fading, flashing, and more. The IP65 silicone cover also makes the strip light extremely easy to clean while protecting it from dust, dirt, and water. Use this strip light for outdoor accent lighting or in high-splash areas in residential or commercial spaces.

Ordering Options

Length Option

  • 16.4 ft.

Voltage Input

  • 24V DC


  • IP65 Outdoor: Wet Location


Product SKU Color Watts / Foot Lumens / Foot Luminous Efficacy
RM44-RGB-WL RGB 4.4 W/ft (14.4 W/m) 151 lm/ft (496 lm/m) 33.6 lm/W

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Technical Information

Power Consumption:4.4 watts/ft
Voltage Input:24V DC
Max Run Length:32 ft (10 m)
Field Cuttable:Cut mark every 4”
Beam Angle:120°
Copper PCB Thickness:4 oz
LED Chips:18 LEDs per foot (60 LEDs/m)
LED Chip Spacing (pitch):3/4” (17 mm)
Strip Width:1/2” (12 mm)
Strip Height:3/16” (4 mm)
Adhesive:3M LSE 9495
Lifespan:50,000 Hours
Warranty:15-Year Limited Warranty


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