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The Évoralight Edge

Why we do it?

Creating the world’s highest quality linear strip light was not easy. It began with a passion and desire to build a truly “set and forget” lighting solution. We are well aware of the in-field failures that plagued early companies in this space and have set out to solve every frustration point or potential reason of failure. There are many similar looking LED strip lights sold in the marketplace. Many are manufactured using different components, assembly methods, quality control processes, and performance. We do not wish for excellence in each of these categories, we demand it. From luxurious resort guest rooms, to NASA testing and prototyping labs, to your own kitchen, we guarantee performance and satisfaction.

Highest Quality Components

Selecting the right components is the first step in creating a high-quality product. We work meticulously with the engineers and manufacturers of the individual components that comprise our LED strip light such as the LED chip manufacturers, LED packaging companies, PCB, phosphor mixes, and resistor manufacturers. Only the highest quality components are allowed on the assembly floor. Components are selected within a tight specification range to ensure long lifespans, thermal performance, efficiency, correct binning for color consistency, CRI for color accuracy, and product material safety.


Creating a quality LED requires a multifaceted approach. First, it is important to understand the application and parameters of the intended end use. Keeping you in mind, we have partnered with some of the best LED manufacturers in the world to select the best LEDs that maximize light quality, longevity, thermal management, price, and consistency.

Highest Performing Phosphors

Phosphors change the light emitted from an LED from blue to varying color temperatures of white. Without them, the light emitted from an LED would not be very useful. We have perfected our own formula using a combination of ethically sourced German and Japanese made phosphors. The result of this formula means that you will have beautiful and consistent lighting that is crisp, color-accurate, and high color rendering. Your clients will notice. You’ll make them look great!


One of the most important factors with LED technology and one of the most overlooked. We use the same color BIN for each manufacturing run of LEDs within their color temperatures. This means that when you order a 3,000K warm white LED strip light today and order the same product next year, there will be no perceivable differences to the human eye. We bin to 3 MacAdam Ellipses and have strict in-house batch testing to make sure that your lights arrive perfect.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Heat is death to a LED. Our proprietary technology assures that our LEDs run cooler than our competitors, extending their lifespan and stability. We took an additional step by being among the first in the industry to double the thickness of the PCB to allow for better heat dissipation and thermal management. Our PCBs are two layer and designed with 4oz of pure copper to increase maximum run length by decreasing resistance and voltage drop.

Verifiable Performance

Don’t just take our word for it. Let the data speak for itself [link to photometric testing]. All of our linear lighting products go through a series of scrutinous tests on the component level and later as the assembled finished product. Learn about the testing below.

What is a chromaticity shift?

This is the change in the emitted color of light over the lifetime of the LED light. Poor quality LEDs can start out as a beautiful pure colored white and change to a blue or pink hue after a short time. We test our lights to ensure that any change in color is not noticeable to the human eye.

Eight to twelve-hour 'burn-in' testing

All of our products are tested between 10 to 12 hours after production. Because of this, you can expect your LEDs to work right, every time, guaranteed. Once we receive the LEDs in our warehouse, we test again for many of the above items to make sure that the right color temperature, CRI, and brightnesses are emitted.

Highest Safety Standards

Our LED strip lights are UL, CE, and RoHS listed. This proves that not only do all materials not contain any hazardous substances like lead but are safe and pose no safety risks.

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